I thought I’d write a quick post about Chemistry. I know that a lot of people are wondering how we get some of the more difficult subjects done at PSII. This year I’m doing Chem 11, and it’s going pretty well so far.

Jessica (our Science and Math-based teacher) mentioned that about a third of Chem 11 is work we’ve already done in Science 10. Next week we’re going to bring in some of our science work from last year and go over it. We’re also going to have a conversation with Jessica about what we remember from last year and what we might need to re-learn or go over again this year.

One other thing that’s different about chemistry at PSII is that we do lots of experiments. If a student thinks up an experiment and we have the materials to get it done, it happens. Of course we talk about the science of it beforehand, during, and afterward. This way we can relate it to the real world much better, so we know it isn’t all just theory.

Every week or so we have an actual chemistry lesson, which is very important. It’s easy to learn because there are about five of us in total who are taking Chem 11, so we get to ask lots of questions if we need to.

So that’s Chemistry at PSII. The part I like the most about it is definitely the experiments!


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